pharmacy TECHNOLOGY products

AUGUST 01, 2006

Amerinet Decision Rx

Amerinet (St. Louis, Mo) recently introduced Amerinet Decision Rx, a 3-component program that provides members with tools to help them make educated pharmacy supply chain decisions. The Amerinet Pharmacy Price Management tool helps health care providers better time their pharmacy purchases and verify historical pricing. This tool is available to Amerinet members as part of the on-line member resources and can be accessed via ValuSource. Data are available in the form of historical pricing reports, current pricing reports, future pricing reports, and price change reports. The Amerinet Pharmacy Price Auditing component is a daily price-auditing tool that is powered by AccuPrice. Offered through Amerinet's subsidiary Diagnostix, AccuPrice is a proprietary software tool that quickly identifies and resolves pricing errors.This tool reviews daily purchases to ensure that members are receiving accurate pricing from the supplier. The program returns a report via e-mail to the participating facility outlining the number of invoices, the number of lines, unfavorable variances, favorable variances, and items not on file. The Amerinet Pharmacy Optimization component provides tools to identify lost contract pricing opportunities, manage and track rebates, maximize market share and tier pricing, and measure product, manufacturer, and wholesaler order fill rates. For more information, visit, or call 800-388-2638.

Étage 4

bioMérieux Inc (Durham, NC) recently introduced the fourth performance level Étage 4 for its STELLERA Clinical Intervention and Patient Monitoring software. The STELLERA system provides knowledge-enriched, infectious disease-specific recommendations to clinicians for medication treatment management. The availability of Étage 4 completes bioMérieux Inc's suite of Intelligent Patient Therapy Software Systems and allows the clinician to capture a more comprehensive view of the patient, avoiding potential medication errors and reducing the chances of costly adverse drug events (ADEs). STELLERA Étage 4 integrates the VITEK bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility/ resistance system and the laboratory results with patient medication profiles to enable the pharmacist and clinician to make faster and more accurate treatment decisions for the patient. The availability of this real-time information allows clinicians to rapidly match the identified bacteria to the most effective antibiotic( s). The Étage 4 level of functionality provides 90 predefined automated alerts, including medication errors and potential ADEs, as well as drug level monitoring and antibiotic intervention with auto-recommendations. For more information, visit

Med-Time XL Automatic Pill Dispenser

e-pill (Wellesley, Mass) recently introduced the Med-Time XL Automatic Pill Dispenser. The dispenser is designed for people who require multiple medications to sustain their medical care at home, such as seniors living with chronic illnesses. Created to promote optimum medication results, the product helps establish a daily routine for delivering medications in the appropriate quantities, at the correct time each day, for up to 28 days before refilling. The Med-Time XL Automatic Pill Dispenser retails for $249.95. For more information, visit, or call 800-549-0095.

Sample Centers

MedVantx's (San Diego, Calif) Sample Centers, ATM-like drug-dispensing machines, promote generics and certain OTC medications as suitable first-line therapeutic agents. Therapy is initiated when patients receive their initial course of therapy, many times a 30-day supply for chronic medications, for free. Patients do not access the machine; rather, physicians dispense the medications from their offices at the point of care. More than 200 physicians' offices in 7 states now use Sample Centers at no cost to their practices or patients. By automating many of the manual procedures, including sample delivery and tracking, Sample Centers introduce control and functionality into the sample distribution process and promote low-cost generics and OTCs as options before progressing to more costly branded prescriptions. Sample Centers organize and provide medication samples representing 11 therapeutic categories and contain >20 medications in one or more dosage forms. For medication refills, physicians write prescriptions for the Sample Center-dispensed medications that can be filled at any retail pharmacy. Sample Centers also print dosage information for the inventory of medications stocked, including those that treat hypertension, diabetes, depression, and high cholesterol. For more information, visit, or call 858-625-2990.