Pharmacy Kiosks on the Way

OCTOBER 01, 2005

A licensing agreement with Duane Reade Inc will allow DrugMax Inc to open electronic pharmacy kiosks. DrugMax will operate the kiosks under its Familymeds and Arrow Pharmacy brands. It plans to open 5 locations in Connecticut by the end of this year, with additional locations in various markets scheduled for 2006.

The kiosks will allow patients to scan their prescriptions and consult with the company's pharmacist or technician through a live interactive video conference. After this consultation, patients will have the option of scheduling a pickup of their medications at any of DrugMax's 77 Familymeds and Arrow Pharmacy locations or of having their pharmaceuticals delivered to their home. The kiosks will be installed on medical campuses that DrugMax does not currently serve, as well as in locations where DrugMax has a pharmacy housed in a separate building.

"Pharmacy kiosk technology is where ATMs were 20 years ago," said David Siegel, general manager of Duane Reade's kiosk business. "You used to need someone to help you use an ATM, and there are now over one million ATMs in operation. Based on our initial, real results, we believe the pharmacy kiosk will have a similar adoption rate."