Maine Explores Interconnectivity

OCTOBER 01, 2005

Medical experts from the Maine Health Information Center are investigating how technology can provide greater efficiency in the state's health care system. The nonprofit group is working on a paperless records system that would allow authorized physicians and other clinicians to have instant access to their patients' medical records from any computer.

The clinical information-sharing infrastructure under consideration would involve a system that would allow for secure and direct point-of-care sharing of vital patient-specific clinical information with the following goals:

  • Improve patient safety
  • Improve quality of care
  • Reduce duplication of services to increase efficiency and lower costs
  • Allow connectivity with emerging health care provider and public health information technology infrastructure
  • Provide patients with access to their personal health information

An electronic medical records system would allow for a thorough assessment of patient information, especially if patients see multiple physicians. Information on recent medical procedures, drug allergies, and problem conditions would be available instantly in case of an emergency.