E-Prescribing Coming to MSI

OCTOBER 01, 2005

Medicine Shoppe International (MSI) has charter membership status in the SureScripts Membership Programs for MSI's >1000 Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies and Medicap Pharmacy Stores. With this charter membership, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies and Medicap Pharmacy Stores will receive considerable discounts on their electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) transactions.

E-prescribing will allow pharmacists in the independent community pharmacy chain to spend more time with patients by scaling back the amount of time usually spent receiving new prescriptions, refill requests, and change requests from physicians and physicians' offices. The new technology also will help enhance prescription accuracy by lowering errors attributed to fax, telephone transmission, and written communication. A majority of the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies and Medicap Pharmacy Stores that choose to implement SureScripts will be able to exchange electronic prescriptions with physicians beginning in the fall of 2005.

"Our pharmacists are known for the personal care and counseling they provide our customers," said Terry Burnside, president of MSI. "SureScripts will enable our pharmacists to grow this distinction by cutting back on their administrative duties and providing additional time to spend with customers."