Web Site Educates and Informs Menopausal Women

JANUARY 01, 2005

Every woman's experience with perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms is different. A new on-line resource, www.Healthe Women.com, is now available to provide individualized support and self-education on all perimenopause and menopause matters. The goal of the Web site is to empower women to make educated choices regarding their health by offering easily accessible, unbiased, and credible information on menopause and related topics.

The HealthMe Guide to Perimenopause through Postmenopause on-line "interview" tool allows women to create their own customized guide to educate and support themselves in their personal transition through menopause. The guide has a detailed, comprehensive list of symptoms that may be related to perimenopause, insight as to why symptoms occur, and data on potential risk factors involved with treatment options. The guide also includes depression screening, advice on how to interact with a personal health care provider, and a tracking system that lets women monitor their symptoms over time.