Hartig Drug Celebrates Century of Service

DECEMBER 01, 2004

Hartig USA Drug is celebrating its 100th anniversary as a "corner drugstore." Founded in 1904 in Dubuque, Iowa, by A.J. Hartig, the company is the second oldest family-owned chain in the country. "People still want and need a corner drugstore," said Dick Hartig, RPh, MBA, owner and chief executive officer of Hartig Drug.

Hartig describes his employees as "family." Several of the employees have been with the company for more than 40 years. Hartig attributes "flexibility, responsiveness, a focus on the consumer, and more personalized attention" as reasons for Hartig's longevity. Throughout its 100 years of service, Hartig has focused on its customers. The company continues its direct line of communication with its customers using its "If you talk, we'll listen" program. Hartig Drug's president personally reviews all customer comments.

Pharmacy technology has also allowed Hartig Drug to put the customer first. "We've embraced technology in every way, shape, and form we can afford," said Hartig. "It has to do with quality of life issues for the pharmacist, pharmacy technician, and the patient. The pharmacists are happier in their practice and not bogged down in the mundane aspects of the job. We've put the pharmacist in front of the people."

Hartig Drug wants to provide customers with a hometown-pharmacy feel, and that is why Hartig strives to turn customers into friends and return customers. Hartig Drug has 15 stores located in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois, including traditional drugstores and a long-term care pharmacy.