NSF Web Site Targets Children

OCTOBER 01, 2004

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has launched a new Web site for children to learn about healthy sleep. The Web site, www.SleepforKids.org, will help children ages 7 and up learn the importance of sleep and share information about a child's sleep habits and sleep problems. "SleepforKids.org talks directly to children and provides easy-to-use age-appropriate tools to promote the necessity of making sleep a daily priority," said Richard Gelula, NSF's chief executive officer.

Once on the Web site, "P.J. Bear," NSF's sleep ambassador, guides children through the site as they read about how sleep works, productive sleep habits, sleep disorders, and dreams. The site also includes educational games and activities, as well as a downloadable copy of NSF's new Sleep Diary for children. Furthermore, SleepforKids.org has a page for parents and teachers so they can access more information on children's sleep habits and problems, and the possible links between sleep problems and other health issues.