Pharmacy Education Program on Nail Fungus Is Available

OCTOBER 01, 2004

Pharmacists wanting more information on the management of podiatric conditions can participate in a new continuing pharmacy education (CPE)-certified program. The CPE program, which features an expert panel of podiatric and dermatologic clinicians, will focus on the clinical challenges and evidence-based perspectives associated with onychomycosis diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

"The availability of this new program on-line, in print, and on CDROM allows participants to choose the format that best matches their learning needs," said Patrick Dwyer, director of continuing education at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ)?Center for Continuing and Outreach Education.

Program participants will learn to describe the epidemiologic aspects and psychosocial impact of onychomycosis, as well as the appropriate diagnostic, treatment, and preventive strategies for optimizing health outcomes and improving patients' quality of life. Also, the program will highlight ways to recognize the consequences of onychomycosis and the rationale for prevention therapy in susceptible patients.

The CPE program is jointly sponsored by the UMDNJ?Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Department of Medicine; the UMDNJ?Center for Continuing and Outreach Education; and the Medical Crossfire/Liberty Communications Network through an unrestricted educational grant from Dermik Laboratories. The program can be obtained on-line at or by calling 877-637-3379 for a CD-ROM or a hard copy.