Drug Company Launches "Take Action" Program

JULY 01, 2004

Novartis Pharmaceuticals recently introduced a groundbreaking national initiative called Take Action for Healthy Blood Pressure. The program will unite health care professionals and patients in the fight against uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Take Action for Healthy Blood Pressure is a vital patient education effort that will communicate new information about blood pressure goals and the effects of unmanaged hypertension. Furthermore, the initiative tackles a problem that clinicians have known for awhile: A major barrier to patients achieving blood pressure goals is a failure to meet the terms of the recommended course of treatment. Take Action for Healthy Blood Pressure will educate the patients on the importance of measuring their blood pressure, exercising, and proper use of medication. The information will be disseminated via television and print advertising, a comprehensive Web site, and community blood pressure screenings.

Participants in the program can obtain tools to help them reach and maintain their blood pressure goals, including access to a members-only Web site with information on healthy blood pressure, a blood pressure tracking diary, and a physician discussion guide. For more information on the program, visit www.HealthyBP.com, or call 866-556-3866.