Ad Campaign Educates Consumers

JULY 01, 2004

In its ongoing efforts to inform the public about generic drugs, the FDA is running 4 public safety announcements (PSAs) nationally on the radio. The announcements depict nervous and cautious individuals who talk about the relative risks and safety of daily activities. When it comes to generic drugs, however, they are not nervous and are completely confident about taking them. The announcements include 2 different 60-second PSAs in English, a 30-second PSA in English, and a 60-second PSA in Spanish.

Designed as informational announcements, the PSAs include information on the FDA's tough, multistep review process for generics and how they go through rigorous review for safety and effectiveness. Also, the spots highlight the FDA's high standard for quality, performance, and manufacturing of generic drugs. The radio spots drive the message home with their concluding words: "Generic Drugs: Safe. Effective."