January 2016

High-Value Medications: Preserving Value after a Frosty Flounder

January 18, 2016


The pharmaceutical industry continually develops novel therapeutics, many of which require refrigeration and are associated with high costs. In the event of such temperature excursions as a breach in the cold chain protocol, pharmacists are looked upon as experts who can deter- mine whether medications are still viable.

Novel Oral Anticoagulants

January 15, 2016

Formulary Drug Review

Anticoagulants are used frequently to treat and prevent thromboembolism. Historically, vitamin K antagonists have been the standard of care and only oral option.

New Regulations to Protect Health Care Workers from Hazardous Drugs

January 15, 2016

Health System Information

Currently, approximately 8 million health care professionals are exposed to hazardous drugs. (HDs) each year, increasing the burden of chromosomal abnormalities, reproductive risk, and the incidence of cancer among those handling antineoplastic drugs.

Biologic Management for IBD

January 15, 2016

Clinical Care Focus

With increased specialty medication prescribing, associated costs, and the interest of health systems to establish specialty pharmacies for improved patient care, it is vital to define the pharmacist's role within the patient's health care team.