In this episode of OnScript with NHA, part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network, Jeremy Sasser and Jessica Langley sit down with Dr. Shane Desselle, and Dr. Kenneth Hohmeier to discuss their research on pharmacy technician workforce issues. As the practice of pharmacy advances to become much more patient-centric, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians alike are undergoing a potentially radical change in their respective practice. While much research has been done on pharmacist workforce issues, similar research focused on pharmacy technicians has been lagging until recently. 

Drs. Desselle and Hohmeier discuss their findings related to pharmacy technicians’ self-efficacy, career loyalty, and how advancing their roles and further professionalizing of the workforce play into job satisfaction. The good news: advancing their roles not only leads to a happier workforce, but patient safety may improve by truly allowing all pharmacy personnel to practice at the top of their license.  Many pharmacists views of pharmacy technicians are shifting as they witness the positive transformation of their own practice when technicians can do more.

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