A new health management application, Automatic LifeStyle Advice (ALSAD), can help patients with chronic kidney failure (CKD), diabetes, and severe obesity in personalized daily health management, including adherence, nutritional restrictions, and daily menu planning.

According to a company press release, diabetes and CKD is a global and growing health problem and lifestyle, diet, activity level, and regular monitoring of health data can be key to avoiding deterioration of health and maintaining quality of life. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies enable a “content finds the user” approach, personalizing patient education and support, according to ALSAD Medical.

Through ALSAD, health service providers can integrate personal health trackers, allowing data to configure the optimal recommendation for diet, exercise, and daily health management. Patient data are analyzed, visualized, and, if needed, shared with medical professionals who can get a thorough view about the adherence level and patient’s habits between 2 medical visits.

The web version is currently undergoing testing with promising initial results, according to the press release. The company said that the platform allows patients to change their daily routine of cooking and eating while also decreasing their level of obesity and achieving a better average blood glucose level.

“We believe in evidence-based, personalized health solutions and patient education to support patient empowerment,” said Laszlo Varga, CEO of ALSAD Medical, in the release. “Quality of content is key [—] only validated information from reliable medical sources should be given to patients. We believe the best result can be achieved by combining human medical knowledge with technology.”

ASLAD is a Hungarian startup developed the application together with Fresenius Medical Care Hungary, global supplier for kidney care, and nutritional/medical team of Semmelweis Medical University.

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