Tony Guerra, PharmD

Some pharmacy schools now use Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment scores for academic probation.
Here are 5 things you should know as you consider an online program.
Meant as a curricular assessment, this test could hurt colleges and students unexpectedly
Check out the author's new fiction work and the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education's non-fiction take on this crushing burden.
Almost 14% of pharmacy school graduates leave with no debt, the rest average over $160,000.
Extended commuting time can be stressful. What is a pharmacist to do?
Why did a top college of pharmacy switch to a 3-year program from a 4-year one?
It is halfway to graduation. Have you started studying for the NAPLEX?
Last year, 14 out of 100 graduating pharmacy students reported not taking any loans. How?
A 3-step process to compare pharmacy schools' prerequisites and set an application timeline.
Many pharmacy students started off as pre-meds, here are 5 reasons they may have switched.
With the recent rise in student loan rates pharmacy students may want to revisit cost-of-living numbers.
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