Timothy Aungst, PharmD

Retina Risk is a new app that patients can use to help screen for their risk of retinopathy.
One company, LogicStream Health, creates software that integrates with a hospital EHR system for multiple platform services.
With new products coming to the pharmacy market, such as smart devices and digital medicines, the profession will need to develop quickly to keep up pace.
Teva has just unveiled the world's first integrated smart inhaler to the market.
This list encompasses over 50 companies in the digital health space attempting to improve medication adherence, ranging from bioingestible sensors to smart pill bottles.
With Amazons purchase of PillPack, it leaves me wondering what other companies they may be considering in the pharmacy space.
Many patients are starting to record their doctors appointments, and some companies are looking to make this a smoother process.
What role do pharmacists play in medication optimization to help save money?
LifePlus has announced their product Lifeleaf, which is an noninvasive monitor for glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation. How can change the field of wearables?
Allergic reaction points up weak science behind some companies that offer dermatological solutions.
Locate a Locum is finding pharmacy professionals find open positions quickly.
It is not often that we see a well-designed study integrating data collected from digital health tools, and then used by clinicians to guide care, but in this study there are some applications to pharmacy.
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