Simone Sloan, RPh, MBA

Health care costs in the US represent nearly 20% of the GDP.
Do you ever fear that you are growing complacent, and unprepared for any kind of change?
Life is like a jungle gym, it is filled with twists and turns, with no clear path. How pharmacists adjust to those twist and turns is a test of resilience, and sheer will.
How many times have we second guessed our abilities, down played our efforts, or not taken risks to move your career forward? Here are three tips to enable you to learn to bet on yourself.
Your professional viability and professional growth are important. Be proactive, prepared, and stay ahead of the curve.
When you are prepared, focused, and strategic, asking for what you want is easy and gets you closer to your goals.
s pharmacists, we often council our patients to be accountable for taking their medications regularly or in supporting them to make better health decisions. But how are we practicing accountability in our daily lives?
How often are health care professionals, especially pharmacists, asking and engaging patients to use their technology to help better manage their type 2 diabetes?
Creating your career plan requires discipline and consistency, positive habits, and visualizing future success.
Staying focused on your personal and professional goals can be challenging.
Have you checked up on your personal brand lately?
Take bold actions to move your career forward.
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