Jason Poquette

This is Part II in a 2-part series on Verifying Prescriptions.
Prescription Verification is a critical step in the filling process. We should talk about it more with our students and colleagues.
The passing of Pharmacy Times editor, Kirk McKay, has reminded me of how important the work of an editor is. He will be missed.
Angry patients seem to be more common at the pharmacy counter. Here are 5 tips to calm them down.
This brand has evolved over the past 2 decades.
Businesses need great leaders. An often unconsidered source for leadership talent are successful pharmacy managers!
This year saw a steep decline in the overall pass rate for the NAPLEX. This may be due to some changes in format, but some unanswered questions remain.
A new study questions the safety of the popular PPI (proton pump inhibitor) drugs with respect to risk for ischemic stroke. This article examines the evidence with a focus on patient counseling.
Effective pharmacy management is about learning to be a servant to others. All of the responsibilities of a pharmacy manager can be generally grouped under 4 focuses of service.
Reports show that sales and revenue from Hepatitis C treatments are declining. What does this mean for patients?
Massachusetts passed a new law requiring practitioners to check MassPAT (the Massachusetts Prescription Awareness Tool) before prescribing narcotics. Whether this will help reduce doctor-shopping will depend on several things.
Drug coupons that reduce the copay for brand-name medications have sometimes been criticized for driving up health care costs, but it possible that there's an upside to their use as well?
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