Gunda Siska, PharmD

Pharmaceutical Mystery
Why is this woman in opioid withdrawal despite high dose methadone administration?
What is causing the loss of blood pressure control?
What caused this man to permanently lose his sense of smell?
What is causing the oliguria in this normally healthy young man with a history of acne and a current sinus infection?
Vitamin E is similar to vitamin C in that it also plays a role in keeping the immune system healthy.
What is causing high sodium levels in this person?
What is causing this person to cough up blood after he quit smoking cigarettes and a tobacco pipe?
What is causing the suspicious MRI results?
Researchers find anticholinergic drugs may cause vascular dementia.
Why is this healthy young man getting severe brain fog?
Why does this woman have excessive facial and neck movements?
What caused this eye operation to have complications?
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