Fred Eckel, RPh, MS

Several recent studies, blogs and articles have raised a question in my mind about how secure independant pharmacy practice is.
I want to challenge every community pharmacy to consider when they need to increase their patient care services to meet their patient's need.
APhA recently released a video celebrating 20 years of promoting pharmacist as immunizers.
Is there a place for pharmacists to assume a prescribing role?
I recently attended the 76th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Much attention has been paid to the high cost of certain drugs.
The local pharmacy has become the place where many immunizations are administered.
Physicians are spending twice as many hours maintaining electronic health records and other administrative tasks as they're spending face-to-face with patients.
Law schools are struggling. Could the same thing happen to pharmacy schools?
Proponents of CMM often feel it's the only type of medication therapy management that should be employed and reimbursed.
How would you define a comprehensive pharmacy solution that fully utilizes the pharmacist?
A recent experience made me realize that pain management is changing.
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