Craig Cocchio, PharmD

Angiotensin-II is the newest vasopressor available on the market.
Should methotrexate dosing be adjusted or capped in morbidly obese patients?
Euglycemic DKA can be easily overlooked and cause big problems.
Intranasal medication administration isn't new, but it's been gaining popularity in the emergency department and outpatient arena.
Despite the accepted practice and dogma dictating diltiazem IV to PO conversion, there's little, if any, evidence to explain why the formula seems to work.
Most pharmacists involved in resuscitation medicine are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the PARAMEDIC2 trial.
It seems as though the perceived clarification of certain inclusion and exclusion criteria had an immediate impact on the way acute ischemic stroke is treated.
Resuscitation medicine has been lacking high-quality, evidence-based standards.
The American College of Cardiology has updated its recommendations on dual antiplatelet therapy from the 2011 guidelines.
The reversal agent for rocuronium (Zemuron) is creating big buzz among emergency departments and anesthesia suites.
When historical data dominates, controversy is sure to exist. Such is the case for the use of antibiotics in patients with group A streptococcal pharyngitis.
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