Blair Thielemier, PharmD

The outcomes-based reimbursement law passed in 2016, but providers are still struggling to understand what it means for the bottom line.
Ineffective transitions of care are a huge expense for the health care industry, even more so if the patient's readmitted in the 30-day postdischarge window.
You may have heard about direct and indirect remuneration fees looming over the heads of independent community pharmacy owners.
Although the goals of pharmacogenomics testing are lofty, they have the potential to change pharmacists' practice.
Physicians and pharmacists face similar reimbursement issues.
A Precision Medicine Conference and certificate training program was recently hosted for pharmacists in Orlando, Florida.
Pharmacists were being overlooked as legitimate sources of pharmacogenomic testing providers, until 1 pharmacist raised her voice.
Chronic care management offers consultant pharmacists one more revenue-building service to offer in physician practices.
Why turn your back on the stability of a 9 to 5" job to pursue your entrepreneurial passions?
Pharmacists are trained to think critically and creatively. This precise demeanor and skillset also lends itself well to running a business.
Towncrest Pharmacy in Iowa has an innovative clinical community pharmacy business model.
If becoming debt-free sounds like an impossible goal to you, then perhaps paying down debt is much more doable.
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