Beth Lofgren, PharmD, BCPS

Over time, pharmacy is evolving into something different.
Pharmacists do more than just filling orders. They are the second check and sometimes the ones to find issues overlooked.
Securing a PGY1 requires pharmacy students to be prepared.
This article discusses recent changes in Medicare.
Flu vaccines are already available at many retail pharmacy locations, though the flu season typically starts on October 1.
Drug abuse has been in the news in a big way lately.
There has been a lot of debate about whether board certification should equate to or replace a pharmacy residency.
E-cigarette use among adults and adolescents has increased since 2010.
A cancer-related death has been linked to talc-based baby powder manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.
There are many online tools for help with calculating and other pharmacy-related tasks, but most of them seem to be no-brainers.
The thought of making an error that causes harm to a patient weighs heavily on my mind every single day.
Just about every day, the news is filled with claims of treating disease and curing cancer with supplements and oils.
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