Alex Barker, PharmD

Many residency positions draw hundreds of applicants for a single opening.
You have just lost your Job. Now what?! 
We know that burnout continues to plague health care professionals.
Your residency cover letter might be the most challenging part of the whole application process.
Although it can be intimidating to talk to new people, networking can also land you big opportunities.
Given the knowledge that a single pharmacy position can attract hundreds of applications, you must do everything possible to keep yourself in contention.
The 2018 World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, hosted by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, is scheduled for Sept. 2-6 in Glasgow, Scotland. 
We spend much of our time talking about work-life balance, and chasing after it, but such a balance is not possible.
Your pharmacist resume is likely failing you if you aren’t hearing back from potential employers
While focusing on funding their eventual retirements, pharmacists should also make sure that they are not stuck in unrewarding jobs.
This adult fantasy game provides a first-hand view of psychosis and the symptoms its patients often experience.
Pharmacists, it turns out, can impact their own outcomes by the kinds of people they spend time with most often.
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