Adriana Hughes, PharmD

For fourth-year residency candidates across the nation, January through March is often a whirlwind of presentations, program overviews, panels, and a plethora of questions.
Critical care pharmacists ensure optimal pharmaceutical care in critically ill patients.
As a 3rd year student with only a few weeks remaining in full-time didactic curriculum, I hope to share a roadmap for the pharmacy school journey.
Does your pharmacy institution offer students the opportunity to earn a concentration alongside their PharmD degree?
In Florida, many health care professionals learned how to prepare to serve in the face of calamity.
What do naval aircraft carriers, nuclear power plants, and the health care system have in common?
Should student pharmacists consider working part time while pursuing a PharmD?
Pharmacy school provides the knowledge and skills necessary to become an adept pharmacist, but career paths are ultimately navigated by the student.
Completing a best possible medication history is a crucial first step in the medication reconciliation process.
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