ASHP Midyear 2018
ASHP Midyear 2018
Technology Aims to Prevent Drug Diversion
Recognizing the ongoing opioid crisis and the need to deter theft of drugs, at least 2 medical technology companies—BD and Invistics—have come up with promising digital solutions that track how medications are being dispensed.
Evolving Role of Pharmacy Technicians
Michael Ganio, Director, Pharmacy Practice and Quality for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists addresses a shortage of pharmacy technicians and the evolving role of these technicians in the modern pharmacy. 
Autonomous Service Robot Could Affect How Health Care Systems Deliver Medicine
Swisslog Healthcare's Relay, which will deliver medications and supplies, has the potential to assist staff members with daily tasks and deter drug diversion.
Drug Shortages and Antibiotic Delivery: What Has the Impact Been?
Although there are some advantages and disadvantages to both routes of antibiotic administration, several factors must be considered when determining the best antibiotic delivery method for the patient, including cost, effort of administration, and safety risks.
Depression and Burnout
In this video, David Hager, PharmD, BCPS, the director of clinical pharmacy services at UW Health, Madison, WI, discusses the relationship between burnout and depression.
Student Research on Firvanq
In this clip, pharmacy student Timothy Archibald discusses his poster presentation on Firvanq.
Student Research on Orbactiv
In this clip, pharmacy student George Haddad discusses his poster presentation on Orbactiv.
5 Health-System Pharmacy Trends to Watch in 2019
Health system and hospital pharmacies could see more opportunities for revenue recovery for health system and hospital pharmacies in 2019, as well as increased transparency and access to care for patients.
Pharmacist Intervention and Continued HIV Care: Examining the Connection
In a 2-part study, a research team with Desert Regional Medical Center in Corona, CA is analyzing the need for pharmacist intervention for patients with HIV.
The Core Message of "Stand and Deliver"
In this clip, Jon Edwards, a director of marketing for Baxter, discusses the company's "Stand and Deliver" campaign.
ISMP Explores Top Medication Safety Issues of 2018
Pharmacists must remain educated about errors and ways to prevent them, according to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices.
Baxter's Promise to Stand and Deliver
In this clip, Athar Mirza, a senior director of marketing for Baxter, discusses the company's Stand and Deliver campaign.
5 Digital Tools for Improving Medication Adherence
As technological innovations continue to transform health care, many pharmacists and other providers are increasingly looking to digital solutions for improving medication adherence among their patients.
Increasing Reliance on Technology in Pharmacy: Predictions for 2019
In a Tuesday session at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim, CA, some predictions were shared from the ASHP Foundation’s Pharmacy Forecast.
The Magic of Midyear
In this clip, Erin McCreary, PharmD, BCPS, an antimicrobial stewardship/infectious disease clinical pharmacist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, reflects on her experience of returning to Anaheim for ASHP Midyear 4 years after doing so as a student.
Advice for Prioritizing Smart Pump Data Analytics
As smart infusion technology is increasingly used by pharmacists in health-system settings, analyzing data from these devices can prove key to improving patient health.
Industry Award Winners Recognized at ASHP Midyear 2018
The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) recognized its Donald Francke Medal recipient and other award winners at the 2018 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim, CA. 
'You Are Part of a Dream Team': Magic Johnson Addresses Pharmacists and Students at ASHP Midyear
The 2018 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting got off to a magical start today when basketball legend, businessman, and HIV/AIDS advocate Earvin “Magic” Johnson delivered the keynote address at the convention’s opening session, drawing upon his experiences, both on the basketball court and in the business world, to empower attendees to embrace their potential as health care providers and leaders.
Trends in Health Care Delivery
In this clip, Mark Eastham, RPh, the senior vice president and general manager of McKesson RxO, discusses recent trends in health care delivery.
The Pharmacist's Role During National Influenza Vaccination Week
Flu levels are typically at their highest between December and February. 
Pharmacists Play a Role in Responding to Drug Shortages
In a satellite symposium at the 2018 American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim, CA, the increasing rate of drug shortages was discussed, along with best practices pharmacists can use to mitigate the ongoing issue.
Rural Health Care Pharmacists Overcoming Unique Challenges Through Innovation
Rural areas are prone to unique health care challenges that are being met with policy changes and innovation.
Policy Can Help Improve Rural Health Care
Brock Slabach, MPH, FACHE, Senior Vice-President of the National Rural Health Association, discussed new developments in rural health care at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear 2018 Clinical Meeting in Anahein, CA. In this clip, he discusses how Congress might support rural health care in 2019.
How to Earn an A+ in Midyear Management
It might seem a bit odd to discuss ASHP Midyear before the holidays, but it’s never too soon to start looking ahead.
Must-See Sessions at ASHP Midyear 2018
ASHP’s 2018 Midyear Clinical Meeting is set to begin, and Pharmacy Times will be on site covering it.
FDA Officials, Key Stakeholders Convene to Discuss Root Causes of Drug Shortages
Recommendations for how to address the issue have not been limited to the panel discussions.
2018 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting Coming Soon
The American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists 2018 Midyear Clinical Meeting is right around the corner, and Pharmacy Times will be on site in Anaheim, CA to cover the conference.
ASHP Midyear 2018