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Pharmacist Involvement in Infectious Diseases Improves Outcomes, but Reimbursement Is an Obstacle

February 15th 2024

The researchers made a connection between positive outcomes for infectious disease patients, higher reimbursement class, and the presence of pharmacists in care teams.

Overcharging Hospital Pharmacies: Unnecessary Hidden Costs
Overcharging Hospital Pharmacies: Unnecessary Hidden Costs

January 26th 2024

Tape in front of woman standing on floor scales indoors. | Image Credit: New Africa -
Eli Lily Releases Statement Regarding Tirzepatide Use for Cosmetic Weight Loss

January 10th 2024

Symbol of money dollar from colored pills and capsules on green background. | Image Credit: adragan - stock.adobe.come
Top 5 Pharmacy Times Reimbursement Articles of 2023

December 27th 2023

Medicine tablets on counting tray with counting spatula at pharmacy | Image Credit: sutlafk
Medicare Part D Claims Have Increased, But 340B Prescriptions Increased Faster

December 4th 2023

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