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Specialty Pharmacy Times2018 Asembia Recap
Volume 9
Issue 4

While navigating the expanding marketplace, health care innovators must continue to cope with rising costs, barriers to access, and a complicated reimbursement environment.

Healthcare in the United States is increasingly complex and crowded. Novel new drug approvals hit a 21-year high in 2017—more than double the total from 2016. While navigating the expanding marketplace, health care innovators must continue to cope with rising costs, barriers to access, and a complicated reimbursement environment.

As these innovators search for collaborative partners, they are met with inflexible options. These companies are often lacking in even thefundamental patient access and engagement services that have become a standard across the industry. This limits their ability to invest time and resources into new technology and digital health services.


Industry competition is increasing as companies are investing more to develop and commercialize therapies and medical devices. To stand out, they need an effective go-to-market strategy. This calls for resources and expertise that many innovative manufacturers don’t have in house and that don’t reliably exist in the current market.

An effective go-to-market strategy accounts for:

  • rising health care costs and increased spend on specialty pharmaceuticals
  • barriers to access—especially for smaller patient populations
  • the complex reimbursement environment
  • an increased focus on ensuring proper medication use
  • patient engagement through existing and emerging technologies

Innovators need a partner that collaborates with them to build go-to-market strategies unique to their goals and challenges.


Industry thought leaders have recognized a clear gap between current solution providers and the flexible, innovative partner the market desires.

The health care solutions market is inflexible and undifferentiated, with each company offering seemingly the same rigid slate of configurable services. In our crowded market, innovators need more than traditional hub services focused on patient access and engagement, affordability, and adherence. Although those services are vital to an effective go-to-market strategy, innovation, and customization are just as crucial.

Technology services have been an industry challenge for years. Clients often have to sacrifice their vision to meet product devel- opment constraints and timelines. Innovators need a dedicated technology shop that can meet deadlines and still deliver top-notch, customized products and valuable insight.

The market has also lacked a leader for data and analytics. Health care solutions companies continue to miss what’s truly important to innovators: demonstrating patient pull-through or conversion to therapy.


As more products come to market, innovators need custom solutions that bolster their market presence and enable the continuum of treatment.

It’s important for clients to choose a partner that understands where the market is headed—and that each innovator has a unique perspective and market position. With these industry challenges becoming more prominent, a partner-centric solutions provider, EnvoyHealth, has emerged to challenge the industry standard. EnvoyHealth focuses on partners’ true needs, designing solutions around their strategies.

Harnessing innovation and technology, EnvoyHealth delivers health care solutions tailored to its partners’ needs. A full-service solutions company, it works to help innovators overcome challenges at each step.

EnvoyHealth launched to further the mission of its multibillion-dollar parent, Diplomat Pharmacy Inc. Although the companies share vast resources and a patient-centric philosophy, EnvoyHealth is firewalled from other Diplomat business. This increases agility and frees EnvoyHealth to focus on mobilizing its partners’ unique visions.

EnvoyHealth’s dedicated technology shop is built for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and speed to market—all with a collaborative approach.


EnvoyHealth’s philosophy revolves around three principles: listen, build, and deliver.

In a market filled with rigid service offerings, EnvoyHealth focuses on the unique needs of its partners. Its expert staff listens to understand client challenges and strategies, then designs brand- extending solutions unique to them. An EnvoyHealth partnership continues even after solution delivery.

As its partners grow, EnvoyHealth keeps designing solutions around its evolving strategies, mobilizing its vision through collaboration and seamless partnership.

EnvoyHealth offers traditional industry solutions such as:

  • patient access and engagement
  • noncommercial pharmacy
  • call center support

These services, while traditional, are highly customizable to fit the client’s needs. Although traditional hub services are important to develop a go-to-market strategy, EnvoyHealth analyzes industry trends to meet the changing landscape.

The health care industry’s fundamental access problems aren’t changing, but they can be addressed more thoughtfully and efficiently. EnvoyHealth has invested time and resources into building solutions that differentiate it from competitors and help partners deliver life-changing therapies and products. These solutions include:

  • technology services
  • digital health
  • clinical research
  • virtual office and field services
  • educational services

From extending clients’ reach with provider offices to developing cutting-edge patient engagement platforms, applications, and industry portals, EnvoyHealth crafts solutions that help innovators and their patients thrive.


Move to the forefront of innovation with EnvoyHealth’s suite of technology services. EnvoyHealth delivers custom solutions and quick turnarounds, increasing innovators’ reach and speed to market. Its technology services include:

  • reporting and analytics
  • product development
  • product licensing
  • IT outsourcing
  • consulting


EnvoyHealth’s digital health solutions focus on engaging with patients and caregivers anytime, anywhere. EnvoyHealth extends clients’ reach through digital health solutions, such as apps or wear- ables, that help patients adhere to therapy while delivering valuable data. Its digital health solutions include:

  • remote patient monitoring
  • health coaching
  • condition management
  • clinical research
  • analytics


EnvoyHealth’s clinical research services help clients operationalize and solve real world problems. EnvoyHealth combines a data-driven approach with a focus on the patient experience. Clinical research solutions include:

  • study design
  • services program design
  • registry services
  • data collection and reporting
  • study analysis
  • publication services


EnvoyHealth’s virtual office and field solutions focus on building relationships with health care providers to improve patient treatments. These solutions save time and money for providers while reinforcing clients’ market presence. EnvoyHealth offers these virtual office and field services:

  • patient and provider training
  • patient scheduling
  • appointment reminders
  • inside sales


EnvoyHealth’s custom education programs help turn best practices into common practice. Those programs include:

  • content creation
  • delivery

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