Immunization Guide for Pharmacists November 2019

Complete Immunization Services Start With Gathering Patient Information

November 29, 2019


Pharmacy team members have the amazing opportunity to help ensure that people and communities are protected with proper immunizations during influenza (flu) season and beyond, but they may struggle with identifying patients who may benefit because it can be difficult to gather information from patients.

Exploring Techniques to Increase Vaccination Rates Among Adult Patients with Chronic Disease

November 23, 2019


Immunization needs for patients aged 19 to 64 years and afflicted with chronic conditions are often overlooked, and necessitate more attention and resources. Pharmacies traditionally do not focus on this patient population; instead often choosing to focus primarily on the population 65 years and over. However, engaging with patients in the 19- to 64-year-old group could go a long way in helping to fill the current immunization void in this population.

The Community Pharmacist as a Provider of Immunizations

November 21, 2019


Community pharmacies that provide immunization services have proven their success time and again, but they still face roadblocks. Many state laws and regulations still do not allow pharmacies to take full responsibility for vaccinations, and states regulate immunization services at pharmacies in different ways.

Injection-Site Reactions and How to Manage Them

November 19, 2019


Immunization room conversations often start with a joke from a nervous patient, who will say that they do not like needles or that they are afraid the needle stick will hurt. When a needle breaks the skin, it may cause a small amount of pain; however, what constitutes an actual injection-site reaction? The following discussion describes the adverse effects (AEs) that make up true injection-site, or “local,” reactions and how pharmacists should respond to them.