Published Online: Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Iatrogen (Herndon, Va) recently launched RxWise, a personalized, adverse drug reaction (ADR) risk-assessment system contained on a portable USB Flash Drive or accessible through the Internet. RxWise evaluates the potential risk for an ADR by analyzing patients' self-reported or insurance claims-based medical information and verifying it against medications they are already taking. Using sophisticated risk-assessment software, RxWise provides important, personalized information about medications that may cause adverse reactions. The product covers a wide range of prescription and OTC drugs, as well as herbal remedies. With pull-down windows, patients can easily record medical information to create a history of specific drugs being taken, known medical conditions, and drug allergies. After the information is entered into RxWise, a summary of relevant advisories regarding potential risks is displayed immediately. Patients have the ability to easily forward the advisory via e-mail to their pharmacist or physician. The portable RxWise USB Flash Drive retails for $39.95, and the RxWise Internet version retails for $24. For more information, visit www.rxwise.com, or call 800-RxWise4 (800-799-4734).

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