• Sickle Cell Disease: Managing the Pain
  • Current Trends in the Pharmacy Job Market
  • Fall Allergies: The Pharmacist’s Role in Allergic Rhinitis Symptom Management and Patient Counseling
  • Hydrocodone Combination Products: Moving from CIII to CII
  • Medication Safety: Avoiding Inadvertent Intravenous Injection of Oral Liquids

Breaking News

Enterovirus Cases Spread to the Northeast
The respiratory virus that hospitalized hundreds of children in the Midwest and the South has now reached the Northeast.
Researchers found that inhibiting development of T helper 2 cells may be advantageous in the control of allergic responses.
Only 30% of the most commonly used mHealth apps have privacy policies.
Results of a phase 3 trial demonstrate the effectiveness of simeprevir in combination with ribavirin and peginterferon as a treatment for patients coinfected with HIV and HCV.
The FDA has granted priority review to a supplemental New Drug Application that would expand the use of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate (Vyvanse) to treat adult patients with binge eating disorder.
The FDA has granted approval for the use of hemophilia B treatment Rixubis in pediatric patients.
The FDA today approved AstraZeneca’s naloxegol (Movantik) treatment for opioid-induced constipation in adults with chronic noncancer pain.

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