• Brown Bag Consult: I'm Not Feeling Well
  • Pharmacy Sues DEA for Seizing Its Drugs
  • Confronting the Challenge of Health Care–Associated Infections
  • Checking Long-Term Care Blister Packs and Bingo Cards
  • Can You Read These Rxs? (November 2014)

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Statins Vastly Underprescibed for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
The vast majority of patients with chronic kidney disease are recommended to receive statins under current cholesterol management guidelines, but half of those patients are not taking the drugs.
Baxter International, Inc, is voluntarily recalling 1 lot of its highly concentrated potassium chloride injection due to mislabeling.
Vitamin D deficiencies are causally associated with increased mortality rates.
The FDA has granted orphan drug designation to a treatment for a rare disease that primarily affects kidney function.
Clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of certain types of cancer are surprisingly unstandardized.
Improved patient access to medications and fewer patent expirations will result in a 30% increase in global drug spending, to $1.3 trillion, over the next 5 years.
Two new analyses of more than 60,000 patients found dabigatran etexilate was linked to fewer major bleeds and strokes than warfarin.

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