• Implications of Failure to Disclose Employee’s Criminal Record
  • American Heart Association: E-Cigarettes Should be Subject to Tobacco Laws
  • Fall Allergies: The Pharmacist’s Role in Allergic Rhinitis Symptom Management and Patient Counseling
  • 2014 Next-Generation Pharmacist™ Winners Announced
  • Looking for Nonpharmacologic Interventions for GERD? Try Diet

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Pharmacist Develops Naloxone Nasal Spray to Reverse Drug Overdoses
A University of Kentucky pharmacy professor has developed a nasal spray of naloxone (Narcan) to treat potentially fatal overdoses from heroin and prescription opioids.
Limitations in available staff and protective equipment put medical personnel at increased risk.
First-in-class treatment option available for severe aplastic anemia patients who had insufficient responses to immunosuppressive therapy.
Several new anticoagulants have entered the US market in recent years, but research to find reversal agents for these drugs is ongoing.
Efficacy of treatment still undetermined as World Health Organization raises cost of battle strategy.
The American Heart Association recommends removal of flavorings from e-cigarettes and restriction of sales and marketing aimed at minors.
Panelists discuss how community pharmacists are well-positioned for the new value-driven model of health care.

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