• Celebrate Pharmacy During American Pharmacists Month
  • Ebola Epidemic Deemed the Most Severe Public Health Emergency of Modern Times
  • Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Patient Care: What Pharmacists Should Know
  • Self-Care for Oncology Patients
  • OTC Product News (September 2014)

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Pharmacy Taps into Twitter for #Pharmacist Tweet-a-Thon
Pharmacists and pharmacy organizations around the world are taking to Twitter to spread the word about their impact on patients, communities, and the health care industry.
Controversy surrounding early goal-directed therapy in septic shock has heightened with the publication of the ARISE trial.
Officials stress that the strength of the US health care system will contain the virus.
New guidelines from the American Thyroid Association recommend that levothyroxine should remain the standard of care for treating hypothyroidism.
In celebration of American Pharmacists Month, pharmacists are encouraged to spread the word about their work throughout the month of October.
Researchers are relying on genetics to develop new approaches for combating drug-resistant bacteria.
As the Ebola outbreak worsens, interest in therapies using recovered victims’ blood grows.

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