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JUNE 17, 2014

Omega-3-Acid Ethyl Esters Capsules, USP,
Marketed by:
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Compare to: Lovaza (GlaxoSmithKline)
Indication: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd announces the approval of Omega-3-Acid Ethyl Esters Capsules, USP, a generic equivalent to GlaxoSmithKline’s Lovaza. The product is indicated as an adjunct to diet to reduce triglyceride levels in adult patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia. The daily dose of Omega-3-Acid Ethyl Esters Capsules, USP, is 4 capsules per day taken as a single dose or as two 2-capsule doses.
Dosage Form: Capsules: 1 g contains at least 900 mg of the ethyl esters of omega-3 fatty acids
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Calcipotriene 0.005% and Betamethasone Dipropionate 0.064% Ointment
Marketed by:
Perrigo Company
Compare to: Taclonex Ointment (LEO Pharma A/S)
Indication: Perrigo Company has initiated market launch of calcipotriene 0.005% and betamethasone dipropionate 0.064% ointment, the authorized generic versions of LEO Pharma A/S’s Taclonex Ointment. It is indicated for the topical treatment of plaque psoriasis of the scalp and body in patients 18 years and older. Calcipotriene and betamethasone dipropionate ointment should be applied to the affected area once daily for up to 4 weeks.
Dosage Form: Topical ointment: calcipotriene 0.005% and betamethasone dipropionate 0.064%
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Doxercalciferol Capsules
Marketed by:
Prasco Laboratories
Compare to: Hectorol (Genzyme Corporation, a Sanofi company)
Indication: Prasco Laboratories has begun shipping doxercalciferol capsules, the authorized generic version of Genzyme’s Hectorol. Doxercalciferol capsules are indicated for the treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients with stage 3 or 4 chronic kidney disease who are not on dialysis, and in patients with chronic kidney disease who are on dialysis. Dosing information and contraindications are available in the product’s prescribing information on the manufacturer’s website.
Dosage Form: Capsules: 0.5, 1.0, and 2.5 mcg
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Prena1 Chew
Marketed by:
Therapeutics MD, Inc
Indication: Therapeutics MD, Inc, a women’s health care company and parent company of BocaGreenMD, Inc, has announced the availability of its generic prescription prenatal vitamin Prena1 Chew. It is a small, vanilla-flavored, chewable vitamin tablet that dissolves quickly and is taken once daily. Its trademarked FOLMAX provides a combination of immediate- and modified-release folic acid to help ensure sustained folic acid levels throughout the day, and it provides 1.4 mg of folic acid. It also contains vitamin D, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.
Dosage Form: Chewable tablet
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