Pet Peeves

Published Online: Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Refill Rudeness.
Customers who take 10 to 15 different medications and call to tell us to “just fill everything.” After we fill everything that looks like it is ready to be filled, the customer comes to pick up the medications and invariably says, “Oh I didn’t want this one, or this one, or this one.” It makes us want to scream.

Not Taking C2 Rxs Seriously.
When doctors write multiple C2 Rxs for the same drug and then write, “Do not fill until 30 days from the previous fill.”

Deciphering Handwritten Rxs.
The person who phones in Rxs from a physician’s office and, when reading the Rx, says, “...looks like …” This always fills me with confidence that I’m receiving the correct information.

Requests that Shouldn’t Be Phoned in.
When doctor’s offices tell their patients to call for a refill request when it’s a new prescription, and sometimes it’s even a C2.

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