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Published Online: Monday, January 20, 2014
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Patients Who Think We Have Pharmacy Elves.
Patients who come in as soon as we open to pick up a prescription they called in overnight, when we were closed. Do they think the pharmacy elves get it ready for them?

Inquisitive Line Cutters.
When we are extremely busy and have a line of people, and one customer cuts in line. When I look up from the prescription I’m checking for the next patient and tell the cutter it will be a moment, he or she says, “I just have a question” ... as if I can concentrate on what I’m doing and listen to the question also.

Facetious Physicians.
I can’t stand doctors who are jerks. We sent 3 refill requests to a local doc, and when he finally sent them back to us, his comment was, “We sent this to you already. Check under your refrigerator.” Then he signed it, “Yours Truly.” Makes me wonder how he treats his fellow coworkers and nurses, and his family for that matter!

Almost Everything.
Patients who ask, “Just fill everything you can.” Then when they come to the window to pick up “everything,” they have us put back several items because they don’t want them.

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