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SEPTEMBER 13, 2013

Spellex Dictation
Marketed by: Spellex Corporation
Spellex Corporation has released Spellex Dictation, a dictionary enhancement for Dragon NaturallySpeaking and other speech recognition software programs. It is compatible with Windows and Mac systems and is available in medical, legal, and bioscience editions, which are tailored to meet the needs of professionals in those fields. The modules allow users to incorporate medical, legal, and bioscience terminology into existing speech recognition programs. The medical edition contains information on more than 70 medical specialties.
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Tongue Depressor Dispenser
Marketed by: Health Care Logistics Inc
Health Care Logistics introduces its Tongue Depressor Dispenser. It is an enclosed countertop storage unit that dispenses individual tongue depressors as needed, while also keeping the remaining depressors free from contamination and debris. The unit is top-loading and gravity-fed and incorporates a clear plastic window that allows users to monitor contents and refill as needed. The unit holds up to 65 standard-sized tongue depressors.
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RX Timer Cap
Marketed by: Rx Timer Cap LLC
The Rx Timer Cap incorporates an LCD digital timer into a prescription medication bottle cap, allowing patients to track the time between taking medication doses. The timer resets itself each time the cap is removed and placed back on the vial. The LCD display magnifies the numbers, and batteries in the cap last up to 1 year, if used continuously, or 2 years, if used periodically. Caps are designed to be disposable to ensure medications are not contaminated with residue from other prescriptions. Rx Timer Caps are available in large and standard sizes.
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PharmaLink Encore
Marketed by: PharmaLink Inc
PharmaLink Inc launched its software platform, Encore, to handle inventory preparation and processing of pharmacy returns. It offers access to key information and business processes related to pharmacy logistics, allowing users quick access to elements that can enhance inventory performance. The system aims to integrate pharmacy staff interactions with the pharmaceutical returns process. Encore features 3 interfaces for use in independent and chain pharmacies, and at pharmaceutical manufacturers.
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