Health App Wrap

JUNE 25, 2013

Guideline Central
Guideline Central is based on the Guidelines Pocket Card, and brings 2600 guideline summaries from leading medical societies and associations to the iPhone and iPad. The summaries are medical society–endorsed, and stem from evidence-based treatment guidelines that cover dozens of specialties.

The app includes an offline functionality that allows users to check guidelines even when they do not have Internet access. Users can conduct full text searches within the guideline library and also within each guideline. Notes, annotations and bookmarks, and free app updates are also key application features.

Users can organize guidelines by society, profession, specialty, or categories to condense those most relevant to their practice. Societies included in the guidelines include the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, the American College of Chest Physicians, the American Diabetes Association, and the American College of Physicians.

Customization options include a choice of backgrounds, icons, and layouts. Users can also adjust text size, font, and color to make text easier to read.

Cost: The app is free, but some of the guidelines may require a purchase
Compatible With: iPhone, iPad

Pharmacy Jobs
Pharmacists looking to move their practice can quickly search pharmacy-related jobs using the Pharmacy Jobs app, while also reviewing salary information and educational requirements. The app features jobs from several areas of pharmacy, including pharmacist, pharmacy manager, pharmacy technician, and pharmacy assistant jobs. Additional features include video review and business card creation.
Cost: Free
Compatible With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Assist Me With Inhalers
Assist Me with Inhalers is designed to help asthmatic, COPD, and allergic patients with their technique in using their inhalers. It provides real-time audio assistance for several types of inhalers, including metered-dose inhalers (with spacer, closed-mouth, and open-mouth technique), HandiHalers, and Diskus, Twisthaler, Autohaler, Aerolizer, Neohaler, and Respimat inhalers. The app also includes a medication reminder to ensure that those on chronic therapy do not miss a dose.
Cost: Free
Compatible With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

UV US transmits daily notifications about UV radiation levels, based on data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The app also transmits local weather forecasts and tips on how to avoid exposure to UV rays. Users can save multiple favorite locations, allowing them to quickly check the levels in places they frequent. The app also provides a personalized “time-to-burn” estimation.
Cost: Free
Compatible With: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Specialty Pharmacy Times
Bring the key areas of specialty pharmacy to your fingertips with the Specialty Pharmacy Times iPad edition. Featured topics include business-oriented content, such as product selection, infrastructure, staffing, pharmacy design, reimbursement, and order management, as well as clinical news and updates on disease states such as HIV, hepatitis C, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. Articles are enhanced with bonus links to video, podcasts, and other multimedia resources tailored to the practice needs of specialty pharmacists and ancillary personnel.
Cost: Free
Compatible With: iPad

Pharmacy Times Strategic Alliance

Pharmacist Education
Clinical features with downloadable PDFs

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