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DECEMBER 17, 2013


Created by doctors from Mount Sinai Hospital and Columbia University, Cureatr provides real-time HIPAA-compliant group messaging for health-system pharmacists, doctors, nurses, and other health care practitioners. Cureatr also supports individual messaging.

The app takes advantage of users’ existing smartphones to provide a messaging system that is similar to existing messaging programs, but uses an encrypted, cloud-based infrastructure. In addition, the app requires a username and password for access, and enforces a device’s existing passcode or pattern locks.

Additional security features include encryption of locally stored data using a device-specific key, Secure Socket Layer protection for client-server communication, push notifications that do not carry message data, and pager integration using HTTPS POST request modes. Data stored on the cloud servers is also encrypted.

The app can also sync with existing health-system directories and scheduling software.

Users must be affiliated with a supported hospital, health system, or medical school to use the app, which is handled through the institution field of the app’s registration page. Users who do not see their institution listed on the page can contact Cureatr at support@cureatr .com to be verified.

Cost: Free
Compatible With: Android devices, iPhone, iPad, iPad touch
Download: Android:; iTunes:


Glooko, the app portion of Glooko Diabetes Management System, is available for Apple and Android-based devices. The FDA-approved system includes a MeterSync Cable that connects a variety of glucose meters to the patient’s Apple or Android device—ACCU-Chek meters connecting to an Apple device will need an adaptor that is available for $14.95—to allow patients to upload blood glucose data directly to their device. The app also includes a food database for recording meals and allows users to add medications, exercises, or other health events to their logs. An export feature sends the data to the patient’s health care provider if desired.
Cost: Free. The cables are available for $39.95
Compatible With: Android devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Download: Android:; iTunes:

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure allows Android device users to store, edit, describe, or analyze blood pressure data from their existing blood pressure monitoring device. Its tracking features include systolic and diastolic pressure, pulse, and weight, and a comment/description feature allows users to record relevant information about their data. The app also plots interactive graphs that allow users to track blood pressure trends. Information from the app can be exported and sent to health care providers as well. A reminder feature prompts users to take blood pressure readings.
Cost: Free
Compatible With: Android devices

Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam Prep

Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam Prep provides more than 1000 detailed flash cards to help pharmacy technicians study for their board examinations. Developed by pharmacy technicians, the app reviews abbreviations, dosage forms, drugs and suffixes, pharmaceutical law, and relevant pharmacy calculations. The app reviews the top 200 drugs technicians will likely see in the pharmacy and also includes more than 440 practice questions.
Cost: $2.99. In-app purchases may incur additional charges. Additional features include the ability to flag specific flash cards, randomize new cards, and a quiz feature to test one’s knowledge.
Compatible With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Physiology Animations

Physiology Animations brings animations from Visible Body’s Human Anatomy Atlas and Anatomy & Physiology apps to iPod touch, first-generation iPad, and early iPhone users. The videos illustrate the body’s core processes, accompanied by voice-over text. The app includes 11 free videos with download, which cover muscle actions, heart function, nervous system functions, and other processes. Additional videos covering basic physiology are available through in-app purchases.
Cost: Free. In-app purchases may incur additional charges
Compatible With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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