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APRIL 18, 2013

KL100 Midsized Dispensing Robot

Marketed by: Kirby Lester
Kirby Lester has expanded its line of automation products with its KL100 midsized dispensing robot. The 59-inch-deep, 29-inch-wide, and 78-inch-high robot is smaller than most other pharmacy robots to fit easily in existing pharmacy floor plans, while also allowing a pharmacy to automate 100 of its top-moving tablets and capsules. Orders are filled, dispensed, and labeled in about 30 seconds. The KL100 uses Kirby Lester’s FillSafe system to eliminate the chance of dispensing an unauthorized cassette.
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Blip Wi-Fi Blood Pressure Monitor
Marketed by: BlipCare
BlipCare introduces its Blip Wi-Fi Blood Pressure Monitor, the first wi-fi–enabled monitor of its kind. The monitor connects to a patient’s home wi-fi network, allowing them to sync their readings to BlipCare’s portal site without using cables. Patients can access their health data within the BlipCare site to track and monitor their readings. The site also allows them to set monitoring reminders, which allow the device to alert them when it’s time for their next reading. A single Blip Wi-Fi Monitor can record readings for 2 patients, who can then track their data individually on the Blip website.
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BlipCare Wi-Fi Weight Scale
Marketed by: BlipCare BlipCare has launched a wi-fi–enabled scale that transmits a patient’s measurement to its free, secure, online monitoring platform using a home’s wi-fi signal. Entries include a timestamp, allowing patients to track their progress over time, and the online monitoring allows users to set weigh-in reminders that are transmitted to the scale. The scale can track weight and body mass readings for up to 10 separate users. It is available from BlipCare’s website for $99, with a free lifetime monitoring service.
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Parata PASS (Patient Adherence Strip System) Pack
Marketed by: Parata Systems
Parata Systems’ Parata PASS (Patient Adherence Strip System) Packs make it easy for pharmacists to ensure patients take the right medication at the right time, all the time. The packaging system allows pharmacists to create sets of dosing packs for their patients for each period in which medications are due. The PASS packs included printed directions with patient name, administration time, medication names and strengths, medication descriptions, and directions for use. It is available in single-unit or multi-dose options.
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