Pet Peeves

Published Online: Monday, March 18, 2013
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Don’t Leave Home Without It.
It’s great when patients cover their coughs, except when they use the hand with their credit card—which they then hand over at the register. Gloves, please!

Hygiene Hijinks.
We sell medical equipment, ostomy supplies, and urinary supplies. Occasionally I will have a patient bring in a used drainage bag to make sure they “get the right size” item. Not good hygiene! We have one individual who will routinely bring in a leg bag (still attached and containing urine) and set it on the counter to get a new one!

Cash Crop.
We should have made sure we got our share of the marijuana business 20 years ago. Now we will get nothing, as usual. If marijuana hadn’t been made a schedule 1 in 1937, which made it difficult if not impossible to do much research on it, maybe we could have—but hindsight is 20/20!

Price Adjustments.
When patients give me and my staff a hard time about their insurance expiring at the end of the year “without them knowing,” pay for their Rx, and then come back an hour later with the new card they just “found” and demand a refund. And a flu shot.

International Intrigue.
A guy called us, not even a customer, asking us what his generic medicine from Mexico was for! I told him, “If you don’t know, just throw it away!”

A Little Respect?
We had a guy who wanted to transfer some scripts from another pharmacy, and when I asked him for the information, he started yelling at me. He said, “It’s your job to know the pharmacy phone number and my prescriptions. I already pay too much. You have some nerve asking me to get the info for you!” When I asked him the location, he said, “Don’t back talk me, miss, or I will have your job.” I had to walk away!

Technology Fail.
I hate when I get an escript with errors and when I call the number on the script, it turns out it’s the wrong office.

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