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Published Online: Thursday, July 18, 2013
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Marketed by: Duchesnay USA
Indication: The FDA has approved Diclegis (doxylamine succinate and pyridoxine hydrochloride) for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy. It is currently the only FDA-approved treatment for this condition. The recommended dose is 2 tablets daily at bedtime. If symptoms are not adequately controlled, the dose can be increased to a maximum recommended dose of 4 tablets daily (1 in the morning, 1 mid-afternoon, and 2 at bedtime).
Dosage Form: Delayed-release tablets: doxylamine succinate 10 mg and pyridoxine hydrochloride 10 mg
For More Information: www.diclegis.com

Marketed by: Merck & Co, Inc
Indication: The FDA has approved Liptruzet (ezetimibe and atorvastatin) as an adjunct to diet to reduce total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides and to increase HDL cholesterol in patients with primary or mixed hyperlipidemia. The recommended dosage is 10/10 to 10/80 mg a day, and the starting dosage is 10/10 or 10/20 mg a day. Tablets should be swallowed whole and should not be crushed, dissolved, or chewed.
Dosage Form: Tablets (ezetimibe mg/atorvastatin mg): 10/10, 10/20, 10/40, and 10/80 mg
For More Information: www.liptruzet.com

Marketed by: Amgen
Indication: The FDA has approved Xgeva (denosumab) for the treatment of adults and skeletally mature adolescents with giant cell tumor of the bone, a rare and usually non-cancerous tumor, in cases where the tumor is unresectable. The recommended dosage is 120 mg every 4 weeks with additional 120-mg doses on days 8 and 15 of the first month of therapy. Xgeva is administered subcutaneously in the upper arm, upper thigh, or abdomen.
Dosage Form: Single-use vial: 120 mg/1.7 mL (70 mg/mL)
For More Information: www.xgeva.com

Marketed by: Astellas Pharma US, Inc
Indication: The FDA has approved Mycamine (micafungin sodium) for intravenous infusion for the treatment of pediatric patients 4 months and older with candidemia, acute disseminated candidiasis, Candida peritonitis and abscesses, and esophageal candidiasis and for prophylaxis of Candida infections in patients undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. The recommended dose is once daily for pediatric patients with dosage amount determined by indication and weight of the patient.
Dosage Form: Single-use vials: 50 and 100 mg
For More Information: www.mycamine.com

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