Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals: A Company Poised for Growth

Published Online: Tuesday, July 23, 2013
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Our Heritage

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is a leading global developer, manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of specialty pharmaceutical products and diagnostic imaging agents. With approximately 5,500 employees worldwide, Mallinckrodt is building on 145 years of expertise in managing complex products in highly regulated markets.

What Sets Us Apart

Mallinckrodt offers a unique set of difficult-to-replicate capabilities across several therapeutic areas with long product life cycles. We have significant experience in managing opioids and other highly controlled substances across the supply chain and related regulatory processes, and are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and care.

Our research and development strategy leverages our expertise in complex formulations to build and improve on existing technologies and drive competitive advantage in our core and adjacent areas of business. This focused approach helps us reduce risk while enabling us to pursue growth by increasing productivity.

Our Products

Mallinckrodt develops, manufactures, and distributes a growing variety of branded and generic drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients used in pain management products. We are the largest US supplier (by prescription) of opioid pain medications, as well as a leading manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients. We also offer a robust line of generic pharmaceutical products for the treatment of ADHD.

An industry leader in medical imaging and contrast media, Mallinckrodt is one of the largest global suppliers of the medical isotope technetium-99m.

Our Pipeline

At Mallinckrodt, we are committed to investment in research and development infrastructure and capabilities. This has resulted in a pipeline that continually builds on our specialized expertise in the formulation of new drug combinations and the reformulation of existing drugs. Spanning a wide range of products, including tablets, capsules, oral liquids, and injectable products, the Mallinckrodt pipeline features a variety of branded and generic controlled substances, many of which are long-acting or hard to formulate.

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