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Published Online: Wednesday, July 24, 2013
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Aurobindo USA is committed to delivering a broad portfolio of quality, affordable generic pharmaceuticals to pharmacists and patients. Since its first US ANDA approval in 2004, Aurobindo has expanded its portfolio to include more than 125 product families and 450 individual product packages, representing a wide range of therapeutic categories.
Aurobindo has been recognized as the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in 2012,* and in early 2013, thanks to the ongoing support of our customers, became one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, brand or generic, in terms of total prescriptions dispensed.** Aurobindo continues to invest in the portfolio and was also recognized during the first quarter of 2013 with the highest number of ANDAs approved of all generic manufacturers.***

Being part of a global organization with revenues exceeding $1 billion, combined with extensive capacities and capabilities in active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, and finished dosage forms, Aurobindo USA is able to leverage this highly efficient infrastructure to deliver excellent value to our customers. As one of the largest suppliers of API across the globe, combined with quality, manufacturing, and formulation expertise, Aurobindo has created a vertically integrated process poised to continue expansion within the US market.

In addition to our global production, Aurobindo operates 2 facilities in central New Jersey, with approximately 300,000 square feet of laboratory, manufacturing, distribution, and administrative space with more than 200 talented associates. Through our flexibility in balancing highly efficient global production with in-market capabilities for packaging and controlled substance development and manufacture, Aurobindo is diversifying into a wide range of products and dosage forms.

With a consistent focus on quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, Aurobindo is well positioned to deliver consistent growth and value to our customer partners in the years ahead.

Robert Cunard, CEO
James Grauso, SVP Commercial Operations
For more information, visit or call 866-850-2876 or 732-839-9400.

*Source: IMS National Prescription Audit, December 2012.
**Source: IMS National Prescription Audit, January – March 2013.
***Source: Thomson Reuters, Movers and Shakers, May 2013.

Aurobindo USA's headquarters in Dayton, New Jersey.

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