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MARCH 18, 2012

Lexicomp Online

Marketed by: Lexi-Comp, Inc

The next generation of Lexicomp Online has been reengineered for increased speed, ease, and intelligence. The new Lexicomp Online offers enhancements to the home page, navigation capabilities, and modules. The home page displays new drug approvals and special alerts, allowing users to browse the newest medications available and timely safety warnings. All clinical databases are searchable from the main search box, which allows users to search for a drug and receive results for content within individual databases. Because all content is integrated within a single-search function, users are provided with a more comprehensive and intuitive search engine. Furthermore, modules are optimized for standard Internet browsing within the application, eliminating the need to manage multiple content windows.

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Exactamix Automated Compounding Devices

Marketed by: Baxa Corporation

Baxa Corporation released a software upgrade for its ExactaMix Automated Compounding Devices (ACDs) for EM2400 and EM1200 users. It includes 14 updates that provide pharmacy directors with enhanced patient safety measures and features. ExactaMix ACDs automatically compound multi-ingredient sterile doses, lowering the risk of measurement errors, incorrect drug selection, touch contamination, and patient infection in the preparation of solutions. The current patient formula is unloaded when the user exits the compounder screen, reducing the possibility for the user to pump a wrong formula into the bag. Also, the calibration source was redefined to allow multiple water calibration products.

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Marketed by: McKesson Automation Solutions

The new AcuDose-Rx automated dispensing cabinets ensure that nurses have ready access to the medications they need, but pharmacy maintains oversight. The exclusive RightStock feature optimizes inventory based on daily usage, preventing medication stock outs and reducing inventory costs. AcuDose-Rx also provides nursing and pharmacy an accurate record of when a patient’s medications are dispensed and administered from a cabinet. This feature is enabled by cabinet-to-barcode medication administration system integration. AcuDoseRx cabinets are designed and built with jam-resistant drawers to ensure easy access, and the built-in monitoring system provides early warning to avoid potential breakdowns.

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OmniRx G4 Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Marketed by: Omnicell Inc

Omnicell Inc launched its OmniRx G4 Automated Dispensing Cabinets with new features and functionality. The new Integrated Medication Label Printer supports accurate medication administration with patient-specific labels that are efficiently printed at the medication cabinet, helping ensure compliance with the Joint Commission Standards. Enhanced features of the automated dispensing cabinets also include the console’s large, high-resolution display screen and redesigned graphic user interface. The dispensing system also has a redesigned biometric ID system. Touch & Go G4 features an intelligent user interface that interactively guides clinicians through the enrollment process. The fast, secure access through Touch & Go single-factor authentication enables users to access the cabinet via fingerprint scan only.

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