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JANUARY 13, 2012


Marketed by: Suncrest Software Solutions

Constant interruptions are par for the course in busy retail pharmacies. But staying focused is easier said than done—especially when a patient asks, “Is my prescription ready yet?” for the third time in 10 minutes. Enter DisplayRx: a simple way to answer patients’ questions without disturbing work flow. When the pharmacist scans a prescription, a notice appears on the DisplayRx screen outside the pick up window letting the patient know it’s ready. The digital sign interfaces with Suncrest’s HangRx will-call technology, but also works as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with another pharmacy management or will-call system. Pickup notices appear on the left side of the screen, leaving the right half free to answer other questions, such as when flu shots are available, how late the pharmacy is open, or what items are on sale this week.

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Marketed by: mscripts

With the recent launch of userfriendly apps by national pharmacy chains, mobile devices are quickly becoming patients’ preferred tools for managing their prescriptions. The mscripts communication platform aims to help pharmacies meet that demand. Mscripts’ convenient, flexible mobile solutions make it easier for patients to access pharmacy services while providing pharmacies with an outreach channel to improve bin management and will-call services. Through a combination of text messages, e-mail, and smartphone apps, patients can order refills, schedule dosage alerts, check their prescription’s status or receive pickup notifications, and locate nearby pharmacies. Mscripts also supports customer engagement, allowing pharmacies to send patients messages about weekly deals, loyalty programs, and other store promotions.

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Pandora Financials

Marketed by: Omnicell

Omnicell introduced Pandora Financials, its customizable analytics software that presents hospitals with actionable information about medication and supply inventory LE 12/g. Providers can now easily access critical metrics—such as total inventory costs of medications and supplies, location-specific inventory turns, and costs per patient stay—without the need to manually analyze data. Pandora Financials also integrates with Omnicell’s Pandora Clinicals on the PandoraVIA platform, supplying providers with specific data needed to monitor diversion, maintain medication dispensing compliance, and manage inventory and supply levels.

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Pyxis MedStation ES

Marketed by: CareFusion

CareFusion added the Pyxis MedStation ES to its line of automated medication dispensing solutions. Built for the new Pyxis Enterprise System (ES) platform, it features hardware and software CareFusion says is “designed to address the changing landscape of health care.” It simplifies the caregiving process for nurses by centralizing medication and patient data in a single location. The system’s streamlined clinical work flows reduce the number of steps to dispense a medication by half, minimizing disruptions and delays and allowing staff more time to focus on the patient. With Web-based accessibility and integration with the hospital’s pharmacy information system, the Pyxis MedStation ES also enables pharmacists to efficiently manage medications from any hospital computer or Web browser.

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