Case Studies

FEBRUARY 14, 2012
Craig I. Coleman, PharmD, and Andrew A. Perugini, PharmD Candidate

Case One

CB is a 35-year-old man who comes to your pharmacy with a question concerning his migraine treatment. He states he experiences migraine headaches and has been treating them with sumatriptan 100 mg at the onset of migraine. In the past month he experienced 4 migraines, and the sumatriptan was not completely effective in treating the attack. He tells you that the last migraine he experienced was extremely painful and he had to call out of work. He is curious if there are any preventive treatment options that he can try. You notice in his profile that CB has hypertension but is not currently being treated for it. 

As his pharmacist, what advice would you give CB?


Case Two 

CO, a 27-year-old woman and new mother, comes to your pharmacy appearing very nervous. Her son is currently 1 month old, and she tells you that she has an appointment with his pediatrician in a month to receive his scheduled vaccinations. CO states she is worried about her son receiving vaccinations. She has heard that vaccinations contain mercury, which has been linked to autism. 

As her pharmacist, what advice should you give CO? 



Dr. Coleman is associate professor of pharmacy practice and director of the pharmacoeconomics and outcomes studies group at the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy. Mr. Perugini is a PharmD candidate from the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy. 

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