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AUGUST 15, 2012
Davis’s Drug Guide
The 13th edition of Davis’s Drug Guide brings comprehensive and practical information on more than 5000 brand name and generic drugs to the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices, allowing pharmacists to answer questions at the point of care.
The application is frequently updated, and includes information on dosing and administration, safety, interactions, and administration instructions. High-alert notices can be accessed through the app as well, allowing pharmacists to stay up-todate on potential dangers or recalls and the latest safety information.
In addition, the application’s appendices include dose calculations and lab values, as well as details on intravenous administration, dilution, and concentration. A universal index search allows users to find medicines quickly.
Entries are listed by both generic and brand names, and include information on a drug’s pregnancy category, therapeutic class, pharmacologic class, and treatment indications. Drug entries contain adverse reactions and side effects as well. The application’s Favorites feature allows pharmacists to save medicines they frequently reference.
The application includes access to, for access to the latest drug monographs, news, and information via the web.
Price: Android: $49.95; Apple: Davis’s Drug Guide for Mobile + Web is free, but requires a paid subscription to Davis’s Drug Guide ($39.99)
Compatible with: Android, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Download: Android:; iTunes:

Drug Interactions, International and Multilingual Edition
Drug Interactions, International and Multilingual Edition is an application by Pierre Chaillet that lists and documents drug interactions with an international scope. It lists interactions for both American and foreign medications. It includes the developer’s Prescription Checker application as well, which can detect more than 200 million potential drug interactions between pharmaceutical forms. Drugs are also classified pharmacologically, allowing users to search by drug class and to find similar medicines when substitutions are needed.
Price: $9.99
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Pillboxie is a medication reminder application pharmacists can recommend to ensure their patients take the right medications at the right time. Designed by Jared Sinclair, a registered nurse, the application features a visual interface that allows patients to schedule medication reminders by dropping virtual pills into a pillbox. Patients enter their medications by selecting the medication name, shape, color, schedule, and dosage information. Once entered, the app lists the medications a patient must take and when the medications are taken. The app provides a reminder chime, and also includes a notes section.
Price: $0.99
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Download: iTunes:

Pharmacotherapy Handbook, Eighth Edition
Pharmacotherapy Handbook, Eighth Edition, by MedHand Mobile Libraries, brings McGraw-Hill’s reference book to Apple and Android devices. It provides practitioners and students with information to support drug therapy decision making for more than 140 diseases and disorders. Entries are alphabetized and include tables, texts, figures, and treatment algorithms, as well as disease state definitions, clinical presentation, and the desired outcome. The treatment section also includes nonpharmacologic therapy, drug selection guidelines, dosing recommendations, adverse effects, and important drug interactions.
Price: Android: $55; Apple: $54.99
Compatible with: Android, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone
Download: Android:; iTunes:

The Educated Patient:Prostate Cancer
The Educated Patient: Prostate Cancer, created by MDNG, developer of Pharmacy Times iPad Edition, is designed to assist patients and caregivers in understanding and managing all stages of prostate cancer. The app includes a personalized journal where patients can track their symptoms, medications, and side effects. Information from the journal can be saved and e-mailed, allowing patients to keep the record in more than 1 place. The app connects patients to Twitter feeds on cancer and prostate cancer, questions of the month with answers provided by cancer experts, and cancer-related groups.
Price: Free
Compatible With: iPad

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