Pet Peeves

Published Online: Thursday, September 13, 2012
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Visual aids.
When a customer steps up to the counter and proceeds to partially disrobe to ask how to treat a rash. Blech! A description will do.

52 Pick-Up.
Coworkers who fail to screw the caps on stock bottles tightly. When you grab the bottle, hundreds of Synthroid tablets spill out over the counter and floor. Still not sure we managed to find them all!

Price Check.
When patients drop off their prescription and want to know the price instantly through their insurance—but here’s the best part: they haven’t had scripts filled here before. They obviously think that you can tell the price of their Rx just by looking at it and their insurance card.

The Power of Persuasion.
I wish they’d do away with the drug reps. They’re the ones influencing these physicians to write for the newest med out there, which of course no insurance will pay for without a patient assistance card.

Containment Time.
Patients who hand you filthy or soiled prescriptions and Rx bottles. Today I got a pile of bottles that I felt I needed a Hazmat suit to deal with! Keep it clean, people!

The Extra Mile.
Pharmacists who don’t take care of their patients’ best interests. When a medication is not covered or is very expensive, call the doctor to switch the prescription to a medication that is covered or cheaper, such as Albuterol and Xopenex, or Nexium versus Prilosec. If we all did it, then maybe pharmacists would once again be considered the most trusted professionals as we once were.

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