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Published Online: Tuesday, July 10, 2012
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AMCC RxDrop App

Marketed by: American Medicine Chest Challenge
The American Medicine Chest Challenge (AMCC), an organization that promotes efforts to stop drug abuse, recently launched the mobile app AMCC RxDrop for Apple and Android devices. This free app, sponsored by the Generic Pharmaceutical Association, connects users to the locations of permanent prescription drug collection boxes for the collection of unused, unwanted, and expired medications. The app links to the AMCC directory of local, county, and state law enforcement–sponsored permanent sites across the country, including hundreds of collection sites in 41 states.
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Marketed by: Omega Design Corporation
OMNI-Feeder is a variable-speed feeder for desiccant and oxygen absorbers that accommodates both canisters and pouches. The machine can handle up to 300 bottles per minute. Along with inserting canisters or pouches into rigid bottles, the equipment can be adapted to dispense desiccants and oxygen absorbers into various packaging solutions. OMNI-Feeder is capable of multiple desiccant drops per bottle, can run differently sized canisters and pouches, and requires less than 5 minutes for changeover. OMNI-Feeder’s anodized aluminum frame has a small footprint and high rate of mobility.
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Marketed by: QS/1
Pharmacies can quickly store and retrieve patient prescriptions with RetrieveRx. The fully integrated solution uses RxMedic prescription bags. RetrieveRx is driven by the NRx Pharmacy Management System. The pharmacy maintains RetrieveRx completely within NRx, eliminating the need to learn a new system. RetrieveRx uses storage bags with color-coded lights for easy identification. Once prescriptions are filled, medications are assigned and placed into a bag. When the patient picks up the prescriptions, RetrieveRx sends a signal to the bag, which activates the lights to alert pharmacy staff where they can find the medications. Employees can be assigned their own light display combination.
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Marketed by: McKesson Automation Solutions
Hospital pharmacies can improve inventory and work flow processes with the RightStock inventory management feature. Exclusive to McKesson’s AcuDose-Rx medication dispensing cabinets, RightStock automatically optimizes cabinet inventory, reduces expired medication rates, cuts down on stock outs, and reduces inventory costs. The system combines intelligent features that enable hospital pharmacies to monitor and dynamically adjust inventory levels based on historical or peak usage, per medication and per cabinet; prevent potential stock outs before they happen with automatic reorder triggers; set restock frequency based on pharmacy needs; and ensure that permanent medications remain available in each cabinet. RightStock also reduces the time needed for pharmacists to analyze reports and make inventory decisions.
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